• Line Interactive Charger and Bi-directional Inverter
  • Microprocessor Based Design
  • Pure Sine Wave form Output
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation(AVR)
  • Intelligent Boost and Buck
  • Battery Diagnosis
  • RS232 Communication

MT Series-400VA to 3200VA

The “MT” series UPS is an advanced true sine wave line-interactive uninterruptible power system which is designed to prevent any spike, sags and blackout from reaching your sensitive equipments, ranging from computers and tele-communication systems to computerized instruments. Under normal power condition, the UPS filters out all small fluctuations. During electronical power failure, the unit employs its internal maintenance-free batteries to supply back up power without any interruption. The UPS is equipped with any features which make both your equipments and UPS operation more reliable.

  • Built-in voltage regulation and battery support
    Complete AC suppression prevents equipment damage, data loss and downtime
  • Available up to 3200VA (2000 Watts)
    Has the capability supports a variety of simultaneously connected networking, telecom devices at once.
  • Large internal batteries
    Offer 12 minutes full load runtime during power failures
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
    Two boost and one voltage reduction level maintains usable 120V nominal output over an input voltage range of 75-147V
  • UPSilon 2000 UPS monitoring and unattended shutdown software with complete cabling included
    Remotely shutdown files and system, as well as sending email and pager notification during this time.
  • Supports SNMP via RS232 communication port
    Communications ports enable safe unattended shutdown without data loss during extended power failures. Supports messaging of UPS and line power status, including on-battery, low-battery, power-restored, load status and overload/fault indication.
  • Notification of system status via front panel LEDs and multi-function audible alarms
  • Intelligent Boost and Buck
    Additional Protection over an extended AC voltage window
  • Battery Diagnosis
    Self testing for limiting operation, assuring quality and longer life of battery

System Block Diagram