• Double Conversion Technology
  • Microprocessor Based Design
  • Auto select Input frequency
  • 50KHz High Frequency Operation
  • RS232/LAN interface and SNMP/Http network control
  • High Efficiency
  • Easy Access for maintenance
  • Cold Start and Generator Compatible
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Space Saving Design

RHC Series-500VA to 3000VA

The “RHC” Series is a genuine “19” True On-line Rack Mount UPS. Design engineers world-wide agree that the RHC internal configuration is the most effective method of Uninterruptible Power Solution in ensuring that the connected load remains completely protected form all types of power related problems. This is because RHC product line is designed to having the inverter is required to operate in(for instance, providing non-stop conditioned power to sensitive computer and communication equipment in a clean, temperature control equipment in a harsh industrial environment), the user is guaranteed that the RHC will always protect the loads connected to it. More than just a robust design, the RHC also allows sophisticated control and monitoring via either the RS-232 port or the interface slot provided. The information collected can then be viewed in a multitude of ways, either over the LAN, WEB or via a SNMP connection.  

  • Double Conversion Technology
    Ensures a fully regenerated sine wave output independent of utility supply
  • Microprocessor Controlled
    Provides instant control and correction for UPS output
  • Auto Select Input Frequency
    Suitable for use in many different countries
  • 50KHz High Frequency Operation
    Allows for a more compact and lighter design
  • RS232/LAN interface and SNMP/HTTP network control
    Smart communication interface for UPS management via a network
  • High Efficiency
    Negligible efficiency trade off for increase output performance
  • Easy Access for Maintenance
    Hot swappable battery replacement feature allows user maintenance easily
  • Cold Start and Generator Compatible
    Suitable for applications in poor power environments
  • Self Diagnostics
    Increases reliability and informs the user of any operating problems
  • Space Saving Design
    Only 2U in height requiring less valuable rack space

System Block Diagram