Solar Inverter

  • Intelligent DC power input management
    - Solar Power
    - Wind turbine power
    - Various DC input
  • 2 alternate AC inputs
    - AC and Genset input terminals

    - AC and Genset priority setting
  • Peak Efficiency up to 94%
  • Flawless pure sine wave output
  • Outstanding overload and charging capabilties
  • Ultra-fast high power transfer relay



WI Series

The inverter/charger is based on a single power module that can work either as an inverter or as battery charger.
When utility power is available, the unit functions as a powerful auto multi-stage battery charge while supplying power to the load.
When the main power is disconnected the unit reverts to operating as an inverter, supplying stable output voltage until main power is restored again.

Users like security system, medical system, transportation, micro to medium business, engineers,
PCs etc with mobile power demand and cannot afford any power loss risks, are totally electronically secured.
These inverters guarantee uninterruptible operation by fast power transfer from mains to battery power.



  *Specifications subject to change with further nortification