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Winstream Technology Co, Ltd. has proudly served prominent customers ranging from the military, medical enterprises and industries such as Siemens, USA air force and USA Navy etc. with robust technologies of electric power in the past 25 years. This decade, Winstream Tech. has also successfully developed Wireless Power Transfer, MM wave Radar system and Electrified Hydrogen Systems (Hydrogen Water).

A. Power Products series:

  1. Solar power inverter series.
  2. Audio-Video power purifier series.
  3. Military and Medical UPS and Power supply system.

B. Wireless Power series:

  1. Underwater Wireless Power charging system.
  2. Underneath Mining Wireless Power system.
  3. Drone use Wireless power system.
  4. Bus station Wireless power charging system.
  5. Electri-Car Wireless Power charging system.

C. Hydrogen Products series:

  1.  Facial Mask Beauty Hydrogen Mist, LED, Masagers.
  2.  Hydrogen Bathe system.
  3.  Hydrogen Water bottle series.
  4.  In-taking Hydrogen Systems.
  5.  Moisturizing Hydrogen machine.
  6.  All kinds Hydrogen related developments.

D. 77Ghz MM wave Radar Series:

  1. Truck and Bus use series.
  2. Car use series.
  3. Motorcycle use series.
  4. Bicycle use series.
  5. Home Security use Series.
  6. Motion detection series.
  7. Drone use series.